miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

PRENSAMERICA & CONAPE VENEZUELA - Version en Ingles - The U.S. has unleashed an attack against all Latin American and Caribbean countries and their allies, known as the "Golden Eagle"

The U.S. government has unleashed an attack against all Latin American and Caribbean countries and their allies, known as the "Golden Eagle", which includes producing a coup in every country in Latin America. Among the institutions and rule of law, this has been repeated over every hit on the continent and in Venezuela today with current events since April 14.A review by successive occurred in each of the key countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, makes it clear that our continent is in motion a process that aims to destroy the rule of law and stability of our peoples and their governments legitimately elected by the people.In effect, the plan developed by the U.S. is founded on three pillars attack that form the basis of the rule of law, ie, institutional legitimacy, public order and territorial inviolability.The first point that can be seen in the right systematic attacks aimed at delegitimizing international institutions such as the National Electoral Council (CNE), the National Assembly, the Supreme Court and challenge the very legality of the president of our free and sovereign countries, for them to justify international intervention against democratic governments, thus to attack and plunder and exploit our resources, which would allow them to break free from what is already a palpable fact, the global crisis in which would be the hardest hit U.S. and its European lackeys, as well as their colonies in Africa and Japan, not to mention Panama.It all started in Argentina against President now deceased, when they tried to put it down to that country's institutional bodies, attempted to carry the Argentine bankruptcy but thanks to the skill of his administration, divine intervention and support World Leader Supreme Commander Hugo Chavez Frias, of which there was a strong friendship and cooperative did not, where the death of the president of Argentina, was an obstacle to their immediate intentions and actions of their leaders and took its current prevention shelter to the Argentine president that America accomplished its objectives, there is the case of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, who was attacked by their own bodies Police, where a simple unannounced labor demonstration, became a coup attempt , there is the case of Venezuela with the attacks on the Constitutional President Hugo Chávez and the coup attempt, the kidnapping of President Chavez and marches led by the "U.S. lackeys in Venezuela, represented by the Venezuelan opposition," seeking radicalize and street actions jeopardize public order.Then there is the case of President Evo Morales, who was abducted by the minions of Europeans united state, which not only put in evidence their commitment to USA, but it violated the rights of a president of another country brother, safety and physical integrity of the Bolivian president, to compel by force to land and violate its rule of law.Attacks against all Latin American and Caribbean countries and their allies is manifested most clearly in the repeated intrusions of Colombian paramilitaries in Venezuela, while the audio of Maria Corina Machado, which exposes the intervention request right which makes the Americans.
We all know that the three aspects that must be weakened so as to prepare a coup are those who currently are attacked by the Venezuelan right permanently from earlier this year.
This strategy coup underway in Venezuela, is complemented by the key factors such as: a campaign of hatred against the president and his followers, worked daily by media allies coup plan, stoppages, as in the case of universities and artificial shortages, as has been happening since the beginning of this year in Venezuela.
The other aspect that is developed in this work plan is to develop a job to infiltrate the armed forces at the time of the coup unaware of the legal authority of the government, to join and spearhead the offensive coup.
Thus, following each step developed by the Americans, the result of the systematization of successful coups on the continent and articulated work with psychologists and sociologists, as can be evidenced in Venezuela is developing the coup plan, which has a timing of 2 or three years of preparation.
This can also be observed when performing such a comparison made with the coup against Salvador Allende in Chile, which led to the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. In that case also implemented elements such as artificial shortages, strikes (truckers), right-wing groups organized to generate street riots and infiltration work in the Armed Forces.
However, this plan could succeed in Chile for two elements that today do not exist in Venezuela, as the loss of the legislature, the National Assembly by the government and the uprising of important sectors of the military coup added to the plan.
This means that the actual coup plan is underway not only in Venezuela, if not in Latin America, but the international right can not muster the strength, legitimacy and enough actors to try to give the final blow. However, their strategy is to exit coup and the steps that are being taken are those developed by imperialism.
Behind the international right, as in all coups on the continent, are the U.S. who advise the fund, will provide materials to improve their actions and offer guarantees of international protection, so you have all the elements necessary to perform their duties, ie end the constitutional and legal government and install a dictatorship like Augusto Pinochet.

Por José Núñez Director de la Revista ZuliaPrensa y Gerente General de Sistglobal TV Online, Director de PRENSAMERICA & CONAPE VENEZUELA, inscrito en el SIBCI bajo el Reg. N° 6355. Con estrato del medio comunicacional Online La Iguana TV.